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Our Mission.
Random Acts of Purpose helps patients in Tulsa and the surrounding area through the process of surgery, treatment and recovery of a cancer diagnosis. We help patients and caregivers either directly, or through requests from family, friends, treatment facilities or random encounters. Through resources and information we provide acts of kindness with a purpose. Because cancer has no boundaries.

Our Goal.
By helping others find the good through this obnoxious disease, maybe in turn they can help someone else. Helping someone’s heart helps the healing process, even if just for a day. Positive energy is healing and encouragement is free.
Things I Wish I Were Told When I Was Diagnosed With Cancer
Incredible article. Whether your a fighter, caretaker,
thriver, survivor or friend... READ and share.
The first Monday of every month - 7:00pm
We are currently meeting via ZOOM.
Please email
for the meeting link.
This group is for women dealing with
ANY form of cancer at ANY point of their journey, fighter or survivor.


A bit about the group.
About seven years ago a kind surgeon, with our permission, introduced a few of her patients who were younger and had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then we have been meeting every month. Sometimes we talk about cancer, sometimes we laugh about our kids, sometimes we gripe about it all but every time we leave knowing we have kindred sisters in our journey. We feel comforted and feel better knowing we're not crazy. haha!
No matter what type of cancer we all have the same struggles, deal with surgeries and treatment. Single, married, children, no children, happy, sad... this disease has no boundaries. Most of us are anywhere from 20 - 60ish, young at heart and living live in spite of cancer. We are a group of women helping each other, genuinely helping each other get though what has been handed to us.
Here is a link to request to join in a closed/private facebook group that is full of information and encouraging women walking through cancer. Admin will add you upon your request. It is a resource and if it is ever too much you can remove yourself. Your boundaries are important through your journey.
About Random Acts of Purpose.
Random Acts was born out of my journey as a patient, as of a survivor, as a mother of a child diagnosed with cancer, as a wife of an amazing man who worried about his family and as friend of fighters I've met along my way. The past few years have been quite a whirlwind I will admit. There are still ups and downs, fears and scans. but I can honestly say cancer has been a blessing in my life. Fear lingers, but what we decide do with it makes all the difference. As a mother I had decided that if my going through breast cancer was so that my children would become stronger more compassionate adults then it had served its purpose. When my 10 year old son was diagnosed with thyroid cancer two years later I decided that it was purpose that had chosen us. Thank you for taking the time to find out about Random Acts of Purpose. Helping someone's heart helps the healing process, even if just for a day.

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